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Closed Circuit Cooling Tower


FRP Squere Cooling Tower

FRP Squere Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is modular in construction and hence savings in freight


Harrison Cooling Towers manufactures cooling tower and evaporative cooling systems as per the exact requirements of the client. Every unit is designed taking in to consideration the extreme weather conditions of the installation site. More

FRP Square Cooling Tower

The cost effective sibling, is the square cooling tower. This is an economic cooling tower. Fixed headers with splash nozzles are used for distribution of water over the fills which are made of ether PVC or higher heat tolerant ABS. More

FRP Round Cooling Tower

Started as an FRP cooling tower manufacturer in the 1980's, Harrison Cooling Towers Pvt Ltd has grown into a reliable manufacturer and supplier of open type wet cooling towers, closed circuit cooling towers and evaporative air coolers. More

FRP Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower is used in applications where cooling medium need to be clean and free of contamination. Unlike in open cooling tower various cooling media like soft water, coolant or a mixture of soft water and ethylene glycol can be circulated. More

Harrison Cooling Towers Pvt. Ltd. established in the 1980's has grown into an organisation providing total solution to process water cooling. Today the parent company is renowned for its innovative designs in cooling towers and accepted and approved by Industries and Project Consultants.


FRP Square Cooling Tower
FRP Round Cooling Tower
Evaporative Industrial Air Coolers
Closed Circuit Cooling Tower
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witness to the developments in the cooling tower industry

Cooling Tower Industry in India is more than 6 decades old. Independent India saw a lot of heavy industries set up-both state owned and private ones.With the emergence of heavy industries in independent India it created the need for cooling towers like other utilities made and serviced nationally. More